Selective soldering of the new generation!
InterSelect soldering systems are designed to meet the new challenges of increased accuracy, greater flexibility and high throughput but still remain cost-effective. The needs of our clientele have been considered from the beginning, which gives us a leading position in customer satisfaction.
With new technologies like the Laser-Wave-Height-Check and adaptive correction of the wave height or the PCB-warpage sensor and automatic adjustment of all Z-Axis values the InterSelect machines achieve an unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility. Features like pyrometer controlled preheating and profiling make the thoroughness with which these systems work visible. Of course, all the data can be read, stored and exported for the purposes of traceability.
The IS Photoscan Software works completely independent from the machine and can be installed on almost every Window-running PC. Soldering programs can be created and edited on the machine’s PC or on any other PC so the machine’s production mode don’t have to be stopped. The modular design of the Inline Systems enables the machine to be configured exactly to the needs of the assemblies to be soldered. Machines with multiple solder pots allow the usage of different solder alloys seamlessly by a single mouse-click without having to change a solder pot physical.
Using Multi-Wave-Technology production of more assemblies in less time isn’t a challenge anymore. If the soldering needs to be speed-up even further the IS-I-460M and IS-I-700M leave no wishes. Several selective soldering modules, fluxing modules and preheat modules can be connected Inline so the whole system can be scaled to the requirements of the assembly.
High Performance despite small size
One of our main goals is to keep the footprint as small as possible and we achieved that our smallest systems need just 1.2m². Even the “bigger” machines from InterSelect are extremely frugal with your space. Thanks to the modular design the footprint of two soldering modules Inline is still less than half of competitive machines – at double throughput! 
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