Special needle for micro Dot

EFD plastic , metal and UV block needle

Radio meter for UV light

Purgel Dispensing pump cleaner for screw valve and jetter

Teflon tube


2K Component mixing tube potting application

Material hose

Purge gel for A&B pump

Conformal coating tool

Wet film gauge

Dry film gauge


SMT machine spare part

SMT nozzle

Metal Squeegee Blade(Electropolish process) with Holder

Rubber Squeegee

Wiper roll

Routing process

Router bit DN & UP cut

Filter bag for Router machine

Cleaning solvents

Stencil cleaning solvent (water base) Rinse & No-Rinse  

Flux remover

Ral-Rust remover(Concentrate)

Selective soldering

Liquid flux

De-Oxidising Gel  cleans wettable nozzles in selective soldering

Gel flux

Solder mask

Solder Dross recovery system


Hi-Temp grease

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